Fantagraphics Super Star

Welcome to the midweek update!

Personal news: I went to Dear John with my fiance and I have to say that it was pretty cavalier with both 9/11 and autism in ways that I did not appreciate. I’m a sucker for over-complicated short fiction though (aka shojo) so I guess I felt right at home. Can someone please pass the tissues?

The blog community is all atwitter (and the Twitter community is tweeting too) about Fantagraphics starting up their new manga imprint (does it have a name?). This is, of course, a big deal. Come back on Friday when I talk about the literary manga movement, and what I think it means for the comics community.

Other things of note:

  • Apparently a glitch on caused a bunch of  omnibuses (it’s omnibuses in this new-fangled English, apparently, not omnibi) to go on sale for 85% off MSRP. HEADS WILL ROLLLLLLLLLL. Also, Amazon’s put most comics on hold right now. Bleeding Cool has been reporting the entire incident, so check out their commentary at the link.
  • Kevin Church shows off a collected version of the web comic “The Loneliest Astronaut” that he writes. Grab yourself a copy in April.
  • To follow up on last week’s bar-barring, David Welsh explains why he doesn’t read scanlations.  He has excellent commentary about digital initiatives that might help stem the tide of piracy, and the comments on these sorts of things are interesting.
  • TokyoPop gave out a bunch of manga through twitter on #FollowFriday. Did anyone get a copy?
  • Twilight, the comic book, hits stores this week. Suffer not ye the long lines of frothy-mouthed fan girls at thy local Borders!

Have a great week, and I”ll see you on Friday!


Nick Simmons is a Moron

Hello blogosphere! Here’s the midweek update.

MangaWidget News: I’ve added pages that have been in limbo for a while now: Links, which gives links to all the manga publishers as well as some of the bloggers I admire, and Contact, which, of course, is my contact information. I contribute at Comics Village, Eye of the Vortex, and write here, so if you want internet exposure for reviews, well, you’ve come to the right nerd.

Nick Simmons, author/illustrator of the now infamous Incarnate, is a moron. This Friday, check out my thoughts on the illustrator’s scandal, and his response to public outcry (it’s adding to the pile, yes, but hopefully I have some unique points to bring to the table).

Other things to note this week:

Johanna Draper-Carlson gets quoted about the Nick Simmons scandal by the NY Times Beat blog
Kate Dacey is giving away 4 copies of the paperback edition of MW published by Vertical
Lissa Pattillo has news of TokyoPop’s latest license: Neko Ramen by Kenji Sonishi (the first volume will be available in June)
Rob at Panel Platter has a synopsis of TokyoPop’s webinar
Melinda Beasi is hosting a Banana Fish roundtable