Holiday Giveaway: Vertical Inc

Heroman, Vol. 1

Earlier this month, I gave away two copies of Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara, a fantastic geikiga manga from Digital Manga Inc.’s Kickstarter initiative. This time I’m stepping it up by giving away copies of books from three separate series, all from indie/small press publisher Vertical Inc.

Vertical has published a lot of interesting manga this year, with plenty to come in the 2013 publishing year. I am looking forward to quite of few of their 2013 titles. But I liked a lot of their 2012 titles, including 5 Centimeters per Second, Limit, and Message to Adolf With that in mind, here’s the giveaway:

I’m giving away three separate prize packages:

A) 5 Centimeters per Second, by Makoto Shinkai and Yukiko Seike
B) Heroman vol. 1, by Taimon Ohta, Stan Lee, and Bones
C) Limit, vols. 1-2, by Keiko Suenobu


1. In order to enter the contest, please leave a comment in this post telling me which of the three you want to enter for (you can enter for more than one or all if you choose), and then tell me what Veritcal Inc. manga you are looking forward to most next year. This can be a new release, something you’re already enjoying, or something they’ve already released and you are planning on getting, so think about it!

2. Non-North American readers are welcome to participate. Winners will be asked to verify their address via Twitter or email after the contest has ended. Participants have 3 days to respond to my request, or another participant will be drawn.

3. You can enter for a second chance to win by tweeting about the contest! Just make sure to mention my twitter handle, @mangawidget, when you do, so that I can see your entries.

4. Winners will be announced on December 27th! All entries must be sent in by 12 PM December 27th.

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway: Vertical Inc

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin has to be the most exciting Vertical release in 2013. It is the amazing retelling of the original Gundam 0079 story by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the original series’ character designer. Vertical is going all out with a super high quality release so it should not be passed over by any mecha fans or just fans of classic anime and manga.

    I myself just want Limit.

  2. I’m probably most interested Buddha. Not a new series, certainly, but I’ve been recently getting into Tezuka’s work and am eager to pick up this one next. As for the contest, please put me down for either 5 Centimeters and Limit. Thanks!

  3. AirCommodore says:

    I’m most excited for Utsubora- Nakamura Asumiko does some of my favorite art in manga, and the only Japanese-language manga I own is by her (bought before the license announcement, because I thought it’d be my only chance to get my hands on some :P )
    I’m also excited for Helter Skelter and the ~mystery~ josei series the twitter account keeps alluding to.

    I’m interested in the 5cm/s and Limit prize packs :)

  4. Jenn says:

    I am looking forward to Knights of Sidonia (Sci-fi manga! Yay!) and Utsubora (I love Nakamura’s art style and I really liked her work that was published on Jmanga). Since Paradise Kiss was oop by the time I stared reading manga, I’m glad they rescued it and I’m looking forward to its completion.
    I’m interested in all three titles.

  5. JRB says:

    I’m entering for either 5 Centimeters per Second or Limit.

    My most-anticipated Vertical title of 2013 is probably Utsubora; I like Nakamura’s art and I’ve enjoyed those of her BL titles we’ve gotten so far. I’m also looking forwards to Helter Skelter, the “mystery TBA josei title”, and the end of ParaKiss.

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  7. I wonder if I’m too late or not but I’d love to read the Limit set, as for what I’m most looking forward to, probably Wolfsmund and Gundam Origin.

    Tweeted it before :)

  8. zakulisjem says:

    Bah forgot to enter for the Limit v1-2 set, even though I tweeted about it.
    I’m looking forward to Wolfsmund and Sidonia though Gundam Origins is also high on my list.

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