Nick Simmons is a Moron

Hello blogosphere! Here’s the midweek update.

MangaWidget News: I’ve added pages that have been in limbo for a while now: Links, which gives links to all the manga publishers as well as some of the bloggers I admire, and Contact, which, of course, is my contact information. I contribute at Comics Village, Eye of the Vortex, and write here, so if you want internet exposure for reviews, well, you’ve come to the right nerd.

Nick Simmons, author/illustrator of the now infamous Incarnate, is a moron. This Friday, check out my thoughts on the illustrator’s scandal, and his response to public outcry (it’s adding to the pile, yes, but hopefully I have some unique points to bring to the table).

Other things to note this week:

Johanna Draper-Carlson gets quoted about the Nick Simmons scandal by the NY Times Beat blog
Kate Dacey is giving away 4 copies of the paperback edition of MW published by Vertical
Lissa Pattillo has news of TokyoPop’s latest license: Neko Ramen by Kenji Sonishi (the first volume will be available in June)
Rob at Panel Platter has a synopsis of TokyoPop’s webinar
Melinda Beasi is hosting a Banana Fish roundtable

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